Friday, July 24, 2009

Three Wolf Moon over Minnesocia

Three Wolf Moon is the number one apparel item on ...and social media (mostly YouTube and comment sections) is a big reason why. Maybe you haven't heard of the Three Wolf Moon sensation yet? No worries, we got you covered in episode 6 of Minnesocia.

For that Three Wolf Moon musical I mentioned in the video, click here

The wolf-shirt sensation all started with a comment on Amazon about how the Three Wolf Moon shirt made its owner a "babe magnet". Since then, more than a thousand others have posted tongue-in-cheek comments, Facebook groups have started in support of the shirt, YouTube videos have been posted ...I haven't seen a twitter handle for Three Wolf Moon yet, but would love to follow if you know of one.

So, great ...if you're the folks at The Mountain (the Maine-based company that produces 3WM and many other ferocious nature shirts), you're all over social media, but what's it worth to you? I know the answer is obvious, but just in case, The Mountain's employees are now working over time, churning out shirts for thousands of orders a day. Click here for a link to the complete story.

I mean, c'mon ...the number one apparel item on Amazon? ...and it's a shirt that most people associate with low-grade amusement parks? 3WM is just another in a long line of examples of how a smart social media campaign (even though this one was accidental) is marketing at its best.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beer with your Buddy

If you like dogs and beer, then you'll love this episode of Minnesocia!

Thanks to the folks at K9-Connection, every other Thursday there's a Twin Cities-area happy hour event where dog owners can bring their pooches with them and enjoy a beer with other dog owners. My wife and I brought our new best friend Tupper to the last event and had a blast. Sound like fun to you? Click here for upcoming "Beer with your Buddy" events.

In this episode, there are pictures from the June 25th BWYB at The Nomad, plus a new doggie Facebook page trend that is guaranteed to make you go "awwwwwwww".