Friday, July 24, 2009

Three Wolf Moon over Minnesocia

Three Wolf Moon is the number one apparel item on ...and social media (mostly YouTube and comment sections) is a big reason why. Maybe you haven't heard of the Three Wolf Moon sensation yet? No worries, we got you covered in episode 6 of Minnesocia.

For that Three Wolf Moon musical I mentioned in the video, click here

The wolf-shirt sensation all started with a comment on Amazon about how the Three Wolf Moon shirt made its owner a "babe magnet". Since then, more than a thousand others have posted tongue-in-cheek comments, Facebook groups have started in support of the shirt, YouTube videos have been posted ...I haven't seen a twitter handle for Three Wolf Moon yet, but would love to follow if you know of one.

So, great ...if you're the folks at The Mountain (the Maine-based company that produces 3WM and many other ferocious nature shirts), you're all over social media, but what's it worth to you? I know the answer is obvious, but just in case, The Mountain's employees are now working over time, churning out shirts for thousands of orders a day. Click here for a link to the complete story.

I mean, c'mon ...the number one apparel item on Amazon? ...and it's a shirt that most people associate with low-grade amusement parks? 3WM is just another in a long line of examples of how a smart social media campaign (even though this one was accidental) is marketing at its best.

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