Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gluten is Good (for Lawns)

Just about the same time we're starting to figure out that gluten might not be good for our guts, many of us are learning that it is a wonderful food for our lawns.

Corn Gluten Meal is an all-natural alternative to the petrochemicals that homeowners have been dumping on their lawns for decades in the hopes that they'll have the greenest, most perfect-looking patch of grass on the block. But there are serious side effects to that lush, green, weedless look. One, is the contamination of our fresh water ways. Two, is the threat that those weed killers and fertilizers are slowly killing us by giving us cancer - especially if you're a dog, according to this article.

So to keep Tupper (our dog) and everyone else who plays on our yard safe, I've officially transitioned to an organic lawn using only corn gluten meal for weed control and fertilizer. And here are the results...

Perfect? No, there are a few dandelions, but overall the grass coverage is thick and soft. I don't have to worry about getting sick from rolling around in my own back yard and I can't be blamed for toxic algae buildup on area lakes. After three years of use, my lawn is officially hooked on corn gluten meal.

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