Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Everything's Amazing, Nobody's Happy

It's hard to argue with comedian Louis CK's view that we are all extremely spoiled when it comes to the wonders of modern technology. And who can blame us? We've been trained to expect the amazing as routine.

Human beings adapt, for better or for worse, to their surroundings. There are plenty of studies that suggest everyone maintains a similar level of relative happiness and that buying more stuff or owning the newest gadget only gives a temporary rush and then we very quickly settle back to our original state of happiness. Same things goes for technology ...we take things like iPod technology for granted. Never mind the fact that iPod technology allows us to carry a library of data on a piece of metal and plastic the size of a piece of gum ...we've come to expect iPods to work and when they don't, we're flabbergasted.

But never mind the happiness aspect of it all ...having the newest iPhone app, being part of the most recent social media community, constantly sitting on the cutting edge of communication technology ...those things are not just cool, but can help a business or organization get a leg up in an ever-changing world of communication. Which is why some of us do need those things to work ...and why it's important to keep a proper perspective when they don't.

Last night, while battling GoDaddy and Dreamweaver simultaneously to set up I flew into a rage similar to those encountered by the users of this new, and fictitious, product from Sony. (WARNING! ...that last link has explicit content ...and is extremely funny) Just after my obscenity-laden outburst, my wife and I watched that video from The Onion and had a good laugh. Then, got back to work, went through one more obscenity-laden outburst, and eventually completed the task.

Long story short, the job got done and would have been done with or without the outbursts. Which is why I'm going to try and remember that everything is amazing and I should be happy to have all this technology to help me do my job.

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