Thursday, October 14, 2010

Riverside Plaza: Rebuilding Minneapolis History

It's a city within a city. More than 5,000 residents living in high rises on a space about the size of Target Field. It's a place with history - this winter it could be added to the state's historic register - and also a place with nearly 10,000 Facebook fans. If you've ever lived in Minneapolis, you know that place; perhaps by its not-so-flattering name, but for those who live there it's Riverside Plaza.

Riverside is back in the news and that's a good thing. Check out this FOX 9 report for part of the story:

Now here's the rest of the story. To answer Jeff Passolt's question at the end of the above FOX piece, this January the landlords will be starting a two-year renovation project that will rehab every square foot of living space in Riverside, including new plumbing to address the pipes mentioned in the FOX story. The renovation will preserve Riverside's history while once again making it a comfortable home for the people who live there. Warehouse Media is fortunate enough be the firm chosen to produce the video communications associated with the renovation.

The videos will...
  • Communicate important renovation-related messages with all of Riverside's residents in several different languages. (Versions will be translated in multiple languages to serve the community's diverse population)
  • Explain why the renovation is happening and what needs to be fixed.
  • Talk about the history of a complex that has been part of Minneapolis' skyline since the early 1970's.
  • Tell stories about life as a resident in Riverside.
The last point is what excites me the most. Perceptions of the people who inhabit this place aren't always positive. Probably because the people with those misconceptions don't know stories like the one where a child who lives in the complex, whose family makes roughly $10,000 a year, led a massive fundraising effort to gather money and supplies for the earthquake victims in Haiti. Those aren't the stories you'll see on 60 Minutes, but they are the stories we'll be telling on Riverside's soon-to-be-developed YouTube channel.

So stay tuned...