Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What the Vikings Should Be Thinking

The more I think about it, T Jack could easily give the Vikes a 2-1 record in the next three games (Lose to the Pats, win at home against Arizona and on the road at Chicago) By then, Brett's healthy enough to beat the Packers at home and the Vikes are 5-5 and (probably) in a tie for first at that point.

There. Problem solved. No need to lose any more sleep or productivity. Skol.


  1. Thanks for the video, Justin. People forget the guy does have talent and that the struggles with him at QB were not all his fault. I felt he was really handcuffed by the play calling and formations a lot of the time.

  2. Could be. I've been on the side of thinking the Vikes need to go in a different direction than T Jack, but also think he's their best bet right now. There's no question the guy does have talent. Hopefully, the game has slowed down for him enough to make those crucial decisions when the game is on the line.